Written illustration header for care packages
Written illustration header for care packages

What is IInside We Care?

IInside we care is here to lend a helping hand, providing free care packages and self harm reduction toolkits for those in need. Money shoudnt stop people from accessing the support they deserve so with our free packages we are striving to make a positive difference.

this is a not for profit decision, where we use spare profits from our own sales to support as many people as possible.

Join us in making an impact and consider donating today


How do i Get a Free Package?

Every month, usually on the 1st unless otherwise announced we restock our two product options that are part of IInside We Care

  • Free Care Package
  • Free Self Harm Reduction Toolkit

These can be found in the 'self help and coping' section of the store. They are limited each month, and are on a first come first serve basis (One Per Person)

Any orders that contain more than 1 package (this includes claiming 1 care package and 1 SH prevention toolkit) will be cancelled - as a small business, I unfortunately cant afford to help everyone, but I at least want to help as many as I can, and I can achieve that by doing this.

Please never refrain from attempting to claim one becuase of thoughts like 'someone else deserves it more'. We ask no questions, and have no bias - everyone needs and deserves a pick-me-up sometimes

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Where do the Products come from?

Our care packages and Self Harm Reduction Toolkits are soley created from products by other Small businesses, or donated from our Amazon Wishlist

Our Current Small Biz Team

  • Vivid Violet Makez (crochet)
  • BrookiesCrochetUK (crochet)
  • Chris_tine_Creates (crochet)
  • PlutossTreasuress (stickers)
  • Dagalty Bee (Bath Bombs/Soap)
  • The House of Rocks (crystals)
  • Adelaide Saywell (art prints)
  • IInside my Head (colouring books, stickers, grounding cards, communication cards, art prints, grounding keychains)

Self Help

Find comfort and empowerment in our 'Self-Help and Coping' collection, featuring grounding cards, positive stickers, care packages, anxiety toolkits and more —all crafted with compassion to support your mental well-being. Embrace these thoughtful tools on your journey towards resilience and self-discovery, reminding yourself that you are not alone.
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