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What We Offer

  • Communication Clothing

    Create your own communication clothing inspired by your own special interest, hyperfixation or joy.

    I draw it, you approve it, I print and post it, you love it forever ♡

  • Commissions

    I'm a Digital Illustrator!

    I have experience in designing: Music/Album Covers, Clothing, Merchandise, Pet Portraits, Logos, Branding and more

    let me draw something cute for you

  • Communication cards

    Create your own communication cards inspired by your favourite things. Plus, add phrases that will benefit you most!

    Use a pre-made design and simply change the phrases OR create something new

Happy woman wearing a green Iinside my Head Mushroom Hoodie

Custom Communication Clothing

With custom clothing you get to choose;

the item; hoodie, sweater, t-shirt or longsleeve

the animals/objects/items; i have done ones with planets, cherries, flowers... it doesnt have to be an animal.

the emotions - sad, happy, overwhelmed, scared, hungry etc!

the sleeve text; language and what it says!

Custom Communication Clothing is Currently Closed

we are fully booked for custom clothing requests - so the form has been temporarily removed

Check back ETA march 2024 for requesting <3


Custom Communication Cards

Fill out the form below letting me know your name country, idea, and how many cards you need (and their phrases!) - you can fit two phrases per card

I will be in touch when I have the time (this can be a 2-18 week wait) to let you know if I'm happy to get started

The first Payment ( if applicable) is for the artwork; £30-£50 

The second Payment will be for the Cards themselves (£1.50 per card) + postage and packing 

 You can add a dry-erase marker for an extra £1.50 too !!


I work at £15 per hour which typically brings my end rates between £35 and £100 depending on complexity for a single design - this will all be discussed during the free consultation discussion to see if I am the right artist for you.

For Commercial use design work please expect additional charges due to design rights and profiting involved.

I typically take full payment upfront, but will work with a minimum of £20 deposit which can be arranged at point of contact. Other arrangements can be made where invoicing/several points of contact are present.

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